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01. White Letter

02. 准我留下 (vocal by 羅嘉良)

03. Close To Your Heart

04. It's You

05. White Letter (white lies)

06. White Letter (white magic)

07. I Can Say It Now (Bernie's waltz)

08. I Can Say IT Now

09. Friends

10.未明白女人(vocal by羅嘉良)
11.It`s You (mystenous clock)
12.It`s You(midday Iaughter)
13.I Can Say It Now(shadow in the tabyrinth)
14.Close To Your Heart(heart-warming)
15.陪我做夢(vocal by王傑)
16.Friends(dream companion)
17.I Can Say It Now(hide&seek)
18.創造晴天(vocal by羅嘉良)

創世紀 電視原聲大碟

庫存單位: N0858
  • 碟套:80%新


    碟 : 90%- 有數條輕微花痕,不影響播放




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