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1. Daniel, 2. Feelings, 3. Gypsy, 4. If, 5. Lady, 6. Waterloo, 7. Windflowers, 8. 4:55 (Part Of The Game),9. 70's Medley - The Sound Of Silence, Wind Flowers, California Dreamin', Devoted To You, Crying In The Rain,Teach Your Children, He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother, 10. Bad Time, 11. Daddy's Home, 12. Evergreen Tree, 13. Gold Medley -鬼馬雙星, Was A Sunny Day, Sha La-La-La-La,雙星情歌, Waterloo, Listen To The Music, Hasta Manana 情莫變14. Hollywood Symphony, 15. Jet Airliner, 16. Lion Rock, 17. Making It


1. Mr. Moonlight, 2. Pinball Wizard, 3. Sunshine Lover, 4. Wynners‘ Theme, 5.心夢, 6.朋友, 7.得寵, 8. 33轉, 9. All By Myself,
10. Call Me Round, 11. Face The Reality, 12. Gold ’76 Medley - Streets Of London, When You Sing, Feelings, Pocketful Of Music,
13. Kung Fu Fighting, 14. Lady Lady Lady, 15. My Fair Share, 16. My Sentimental Friend


1. Never My Love, 2. Over And Over, 3. Ready For Love, 4. Silly Love Songs, 5. Sweet Loving Man, 6. Una Paloma Blanca,
7. Wham Bam Shang-A-Lang, 8.一段情 [鍾鎮濤/ 彭健新], 9. 大家樂, 10. 小島夢, 11.曲中情, 12.玩吓啦, 13.耍花招, 14.這首歌, 15.陪著她, 16.魔與道


1. Band On The Run, 2. But I Love You 3. Carry On Till Tomorrow, 4. Da Doo Ron Ron, 5. Do Wah Diddy Diddy, 6. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, 7. Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen, 8. I Go To Pieces, 9. Jesus Is Just Alright, 10. Listen To The Music, 11. New Kid In Town, 12. Reflections Of My Life, 13. Same Kind Of Magic, 14. Seasons In The Sun, 15.人靠衣裝(華娃/黃霑合唱), 16.千載不變,
17.不要問我 [譚詠麟]


1.夫復何求, 2.好學為福(華娃/黃霑合唱), 3.自然關係, 4.真心去唱, 5.甜酸苦辣, 6.愛情組曲, 7.輕輕微微, 8. Carry On My Wayward Son, 9. I'll Never Dance Again, 10. L-O-V-E Love, 11. Same Kind Of Magic Medley - Same Kind Of Magic, 4:55 (Part Of The Game), Carry On Till Tomorrow, 12. Save Your Kisses For Me, 13. Sha La-La-La-La, 14. You Mean Everything To Me, 15.不可以逃避, 16.友情相關照,17.他們的初戀


1. 可愛的笑容[鍾鎮濤], 2.改邪歸正歌, 3.昨天的笑聲, 4.要約妳去街, 5.借來的美夢[譚詠麟], 6.追趕跑跳碰, 7.幾多都經過
8.齊心就事成, 9. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother, 10. OLE OLE 永不放棄[Team Power], 11. The Things We Do For Love,
12. The World Is Getting Smaller, 13.只有知心一個, 14. I Don’t Know Why You Love Me, 15.今天我非常寂寞,
16.始終都係朋友好[黃霑合唱], 17. I'd Really Love To See You Tonight, 18. I Know A Heartache When I See One

溫拿樂隊 - 音樂大全101 (6CD)

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    碟 : 92% - 新淨,極輕微花痕, 不影響播放 

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