Sometimes When We Touch 4:18
First of May (from Melody Fair) 3:03
Smile (from Modern Times) 3:30
You Don't Know Me (from My Best Friend's Wedding) 4:03
When I Fall In Love (from Sleepless In Seatle) 3:11
A Thousand Dreams of You (from 風月 2:55
Guitar Interlude 1:19
As Time Goes By (from Casablanca) 3:23
More (from Mondo Cane) 3:35
Sway (from Shall We Dance) 3:02
Memory (from Cats) 3:57
In The Wee Small House Of The Morning (from Sleepless In Seatle) 3:12
Fallen (from Pretty Woman) 3:15

Susan Wong ‎– A Night At The Movies

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