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​WeChat/WhatsApp Purchase

For WeChat/WhatsApp purchase, please contact the company through the following methods to inquire about inventory and purchase

PayMe, Alipay and WeChat payment are accepted.

Can be mailed to local, China and anywhere in the world
Or pick up the goods at our Kwai Fong store


WeChat ID : cswkenny

​Free mail to your home

​Mainland China ordering

​No minimum purchase and free shipping

​About our company’s delivery time:

After receiving the order, it will be sent by post.

Under normal circumstances, customers can receive the goods within 7 to 14 working days.

Free shipping only for local online purchases

no matter where you are

Order over HK$500


Free shipping to anywhere in China

Order less thanHK$500, no matter how many discs you purchase, only HK$35 shipping fee will be charged for each order

​About our company’s delivery time:

Will be sent by Hong Kong Post within one working day after receiving the order

Generally, customers can receive the goods within 7 to 14 working days under certain circumstances.

Consumption is more elastic

No matter how many discs you choose


It only costs HK$80 for shipping and can be delivered to anywhere in the world

​About our company’s delivery time:

Sent by post within one working day after receipt of order

Generally, customers can receive the goods within 7 to 14 working days under certain circumstances.

What you need to know before purchasing

You can pick up the goods at our company by yourself, or you can pay with cash, credit card, PayPal or Alipay

Customers only need to send their favorite products via WeChat or WhatsApp

Just send the relevant product pictures to our company for ordering

1) Once the goods are delivered, they will not be returned or exchanged.

2) If the customer orders by phone and chooses to pick up the goods from our company, our company will only keep the goods for 30 days. If delivery is not made or delivery cannot be arranged within 30 days, our company has the right to cancel the transaction without further notice.

3) Customers can contact our company in advance to make arrangements before settlement.

4) If there is no product in stock that needs to be ordered, you may have to pay a deposit of 50% of the total value of the product before accepting the order. If the company fails to deliver the goods as scheduled within 30 days after payment, the transaction will be automatically canceled and the company will The entire deposit will be refunded to the guest.

5) Second-hand CD records and Blu-ray discs are products that have been used for many years, and there must be traces of use. It is inevitable that there may be some scratches. Everyone has different opinions on the newness. If you mind, please do not buy!!

6) The following are disc description indicators. To protect our customers, we will only sell products in the following 5 conditions.

100% - Brand new and unopened

98%-New, no scratches, nearly brand new

95%-new, with traces of normal use

92%-new, very slight scratches

90%-light flower marks

7)  In case of any dispute, the company reserves the right of final decision.

*Free shipping is only available to customers in Hong Kong.

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