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Audio recycling service

Our company provides cash recycling audio, recycling HIFI, recycling turntables, recycling amplifiers, and recycling speakers. Please call us to inquire about recycling prices and details Tel: 84820388 (24 hours)


WeChat ID : cswkenny

Professional door-to-door recycling of stereos, audio-visual combinations, and second-hand audio equipment, from Hong Kong, Kowloon, and the New Territories, from near and far. Cash transactions: high and low-end, medieval HI-FI, Europe and the United States, foreign countries, Japan, new machines, used machines, please call to inquire about the price.

recycling process

1. Please take photos of the items to be recycled.


2: Send to our company via any of the following methods


- WhatsApp : +852 8482-0388

- WeChat :  cswkenny

- Email:


3: After our company receives the information, we will confirm with you, quote and arrange on-site recycling time

4: To protect the health of the other party, our company recommends that transactions be conducted outside the guest’s door

5: The seller can choose cash, Payme or FPS as the transaction method.

6: If you have any questions, please call our staff at 84820388

Vinyl record CD recycling, SACD recycling, MD recycling, Bluray Blu-ray disc recycling, audio equipment recycling, audio recycling, turntable recycling, amplifier recycling, front and rear stage recycling, amplifier recycling, wire recycling, speaker recycling, HIFI recycling, turntable amplifier recycling , AV audio combination recycling, audio and video system recycling, and second-hand audio recycling, whether new or old, are welcome. Provide brands, models and photos, and let our professional team serve you. Recycling brands include Mcintosh, Accuphase, FM ACOUSTICS, MBL, YBA, Burmester, KRELL, JEFF ROWLAND, LINN, GryPhon, THIEL, Audio Research, THORENS, Mark Levinson, GOLDMLIND, Threshold, Jadis, MERIDIAN, PRIMARE, EINSTEIN, COUNTERPOINT, Cello, Wadia, JBL, B&O, FOCAL, Dynaudio, Paradigm , B&W, TANNOY, YAMAHA, Sonus Faber, Harbath, Rogers world audio brands, etc.

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